Actavis New Zealand


Actavis produces and markets generic, branded generic, branded and OTC pharmaceutical products globally, covering all significant therapeutic classes. Product formulations include modified release, solid oral dosage, semi-solids, suspensions, transdermals, suppositories, creams, ointments, liquids and injectables.

  • Actavis Pharma: Our Actavis Pharma business markets a portfolio of more than 750 molecules offered in more than 1,700 different combinations and dosage forms.
  • Actavis Specialty Brands: Our Actavis Specialty Brands business markets more than 40 brand pharmaceutical products, primarily in the U.S. and Canada.
  • Biosimilars: Through both our Amgen Collaboration and our own internal development initiatives, Actavis is building a foundation for strong growth through biologics and biosimilars products

Actavis is also an established and reliable source of pharmaceutical intellectual property as our Medis third-party business is the largest out-licensing business in Europe within generics. Actavis also manufactures a range of active pharmaceutical ingredients, principally for the European and U.S. export markets.

Actavis New Zealand also distributes beauty, health and dermatology brands including specialist vitamins, cosmetics, skincare, self-tan, sun protection and more.

Actavis New Zealand products:

Arrow - Amitriptyline Tablets
Ava 30 ED Tablets
Ava 20 ED Tablets
Arrow - Bendrofluazide Tablets
Bicalaccord Tablets
Arrow - Brimonidine Eye Drops
Arrow - Calcium Tablets
Carbaccord Concentrated Injection
Chlorafast Eye Drops
Arrow - Citalopram Tablets
Arrow - Etidronate Tablets
Fexofast Tablets
Flucasten One Capsules
Ibucode Plus Tablets
Ibuprofen Tablets
Arrow - Lamotrigine Tablets
Laxofast Gel Capsules
Letraccord Tablets
Arrow - Lisinopril Tablets
Arrow - Losartan & Hydrochlorothiazide Tablets
Arrow - Meloxicam Tablets
Arrow - Morphine LA Tablets
Mygran Tablets
Naltraccord Tablets
Next Choice (Levonogestrel) Tablets
Arrow - Nifedipine XR Tablets
Arrow - Norfloxacin Tablets
Arrow - Ornidazole Tablets
Parafast Tablets
Parafast EXTRA Tablets
Arrow - Quinapril Tablets
Arrow - Ranitidine Tablets
Arrow - Roxithromycin Tablets
Arrow - Sertraline Tablets
Silagra Tablets
Arrow - Simva Tablets
Arrow - Sumatriptan Tablets
Arrow - Sumatriptan Injection
Arrow - Terazosin Tablets
Arrow - Timolol Eye Drops
Arrow - Tolterodine Tablets
Arrow - Topiramate Tablets
Arrow - Tramadol Capsules
Arrow - Venlafaxine Tablets
Zetop Tablets

DermaLab 01. Gentle Cleansing Body and Face Wash
DermaLab 02. Stay Hydrated Moisturiser
DermaLab 03. Soothe and Repair Treatment Oil
DermaLab 04. Clean Your Hair Shampoo
DermaLab 05. Nourish Your Hair Conditioner
Dermal Therapy Blistop
Dermal Therapy Hand Cream
Dermal Therapy Heel Balm
Dermal Therapy Heel Magic
Dermal Therapy Lip Balm
Dermal Therapy Nail Magic
Dermal Therapy Platinum
Crampeze Night Cramps
Crampeze Forte Night Cramps
Natralia Crystal Deodorant
IMEDEEN Skincare Tablets
NatureColour permanent hair colour

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